Are you overeating? Canadians underestimate serving sizes: study

Most Canadians have little understanding of what a serving size actually looks like, and it could be leading many of us to overeat. New research from York University suggests most Canadians underestimate what constitutes one serving of meat, grains and fruits and vegetables under Canada’s Food Guide, reported The Globe and Mail and others, Aug. 2. Read full story.

Phone cameras to snap pictures of formulas
Christina Pietrantonio, a music student at York University, swears by her spiral-bound notebook and a “good, old-fashioned, ballpoint pen”, in a story that polled 25 students about their favourite back to school tools that help them make the grade, published in The Globe and Mail, Aug. 7. Read full story.

Alberta oil spill record a lesson for B.C.
“The bottom line for British Columbians is that pipelines are risky. You can’t produce a safe system; you can only produce a less risky system. There is no leak proof system,” said York history Professor Sean Kheraj, in 24 Hours (Vancouver edition) Aug. 7, in a column about the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline and twinning Kinder Morgan’s existing pipeline, which would transport oil from Alberta to the BC coast for shipment to China. Read full story.

Investing in teenage prisoners
“It’s a new trend in corporate social responsibility, to link an element of entrepreneurship and business acumen to social projects rather than just dishing out money in an old style philanthropy way,” said Dirk Matten, Hewlett-Packard Chair in Corporate Social Responsibility at York University’s Schulich School of Business, in the Toronto Star Aug. 4, in a story about a New York City initiative, which has awarded Goldman Sachs a contract to fund a jail-based social program, which aims to reduce the chances of young men returning to jail, only bills taxpayers if it succeeds. Read full story.