Venus crosses the Sun for last time until 2117

York Faculty of Science & Engineering Astronomer Paul Delaney spoke to CTV News on Wednesday, June 6 about the scientific significance of the transit of the planet Venus across the face of the Sun. The rare astronomical event, which took place on Tuesday, June 5, was at the centre of a public viewing and information session hosted by the York Observatory. Watch video here.

Honoured guests for 2012
Journalists Barbara Turnbull and Chantal Hébert will receive honorary degrees during Spring Convocation Ceremonies at York University, they spoke to the Toronto Star on Wednesday, June 6, about the kind of advice they will offer new grads. Read full story.

Be the star of a romance novel
Harlequin romances, an inept hostess, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, clips from the “Young and Restless” and audience participation – it’s all part of Domestic Train Wreck, a new play premiering later this week in Halifax, NS and directed by York PhD student Richie Wilcox and fellow graduate student Melanie Bennett, reported the Chronicle Herald, Wednesday, June 6. Read full story.

Being too good can be bad
Perfectionism is a key feature of compulsive over striving and being driven to achieve, says psychologist Gordon Flett of York University, reported the Oman Tribune, Wednesday, June 6. Read full story.