New Time-Reporting Tool undergoing testing

The launch of York’s online Time-Reporting Tool is now planned for Aug. 6, which represents a delay of approximately one month. The testing and validation phase in March was far more extensive than originally expected. Although the launch is being delayed, the results of the testing and validation have been most encouraging.

Additional tests are currently underway. While these tests are in progress, 46 trainers from across the University are learning the system and will soon be available to support staff in all units once the time-reporting tool is introduced. To support the transition to the Time-Reporting Tool, e-Learning tools are being reviewed and are expected to be released for all employees and managers by the middle of June.

The testing process may still reveal unforeseen issues that may need to be addressed and this could result in further delays. Human Resources has planned for regular updates to the University community and will outline any required contingencies.