Pique your curiosity about design April 16 and 17

Graduating Student Kesha Hylton-Lyons’ Rio Carnival poster is bilingual with text in English and Portuguese mask and feathers

The class of 2012 of the York University/Sheridan Institute Joint Program in Design (YSDN) is working as a team to put the finishing touches on Pique, the graduation exhibition showcasing their best creative work in graphic and communication design. Individually, the 105 rising young designers are also preparing for the networking activities and job interviews that the exhibit will kick-start.

Comprising more than 500 works, from packaging and information design to editorial and motion graphics, the show is sure to Pique the interest of visitors. It will be on view to the public at the Fermenting Cellar in Toronto’s Distillery Historic District April 16 and 17 from 10am to 5pm.

 Graduating Student Kesha Hylton-Lyons’ Rio Carnival poster is bilingual with text in English and Portuguese mask and feathersThe idea of Pique and the branding concept around it started with an in-class group workshop and brainstorming session.

Right: Graduating Student Kesha Hylton-Lyons’ Rio Carnival poster is bilingual with text in English and Portuguese

“As a class, we were playing with the idea of anticipation,” said Katy Ha, one of the two executive chairs for the event. “The Identity Committee worked that into the Pique concept, and the brand really grew on everyone in the class.”

“It has also received great feedback from alumni and the industry at large,” added her co-chair, Aaron Wright.

Examples of the playful and creative ways Pique is expressed and interpreted abound on the exhibition website, pique2012.com.  On the Students page, the participating young designers peek over their shoulders in the class portraits that link to their online portfolios. Colourful, cryptic videos invite viewers to Speak the Pique, in the Pique of Time.

Members of the YSDN graduating class are also aiming to pique the interest of high school students who are considering a career in design and a degree at YSDN. A number of schools have been invited to a special afternoon workshop, complementing the Pique exhibition, in the Fermenting Cellar on April 17. Alumni Todd Barsanti (MES ‘11), Adam Antoszek-Rallo (BDes ‘02) and Eleni Alpous (BDes ‘07) will share their personal experiences working in the field.

YSDN students will also be on-hand to answer questions about Pique and to lead an interactive workshop involving the creation of a time capsule. The capsule will include photo portraits taken on site, plus the high school students’ own creative work and a questionnaire about where they see themselves in five years. It will be sealed, and the participants Medication from Remediwill bring the capsule home and take a “Pique” on April 17, 2017.

Left: Amanda Wood’s “Remedi” is a prescription packaging and labeling system, designed with consumer safety and legibility in mind. Wood is in her final year of the program.

“What inspired us to do this is that we can all remember how confusing it can be when you’re in high school and considering the decision to enter a creative field,” said Niko Papadimitriou, one of the co-chairs of the YSDN student committee in charge of the workshop. “It’s a daunting decision to make at the age of 17.”

For the YSDN graduating class, Pique culminates after it closes to the public. On April 18, the exhibition becomes an industry session, where each student engages in a 40-minute external assessment with two professional designers. It’s an invaluable opportunity make connections and make your mark – and also to take constructive criticism like a pro.

hand drawn font from studentRight: Graduating student Katrina Kobayashi’s Young Folk Typeface is a hand drawn but digitally traced font. The characters all have a low crossbar and shadow, creating an overall quirky and relaxed impression

“Forty minutes sounds like a lot of time, but we’ve heard it goes very fast,” said Wright. “In our Professional Aspects class, we had to select examples of our strongest work and write rationales on them – so we’ve been preparing for this moment for quite some time.”

In the run-up to the exhibition, everyone can share the growing excitement about Pique on social media including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr  and Vimeo. Admission to the show during the daytime public viewing hours on April 16 and 17 is free.