Craig Scott ‘humbled and exhilarated’ to fill Layton’s seat in Commons

Fresh from his victory in the Toronto-Danforth byelection, Craig Scott says the NDP has proven it has staying power, wrote The Globe and Mail March 20, introducing a Q&A interview with the Osgoode Hall Law School professor, now member of parliament-elect. “I’m both humbled and exhilarated to follow in Jack’s footsteps,” said Scott. “I’m also feeling nervous: First winning the nomination and now the riding, these were both new experiences. But I have a great sense of anticipation…. Nationally, I want to make sure we continue to be an effective opposition to Stephen Harper’s Conservatives. But my other big priority is the environment and getting Canada to become an effective green economy. In my riding, I want to go back and reconnect with all those people on the issues that came up – like transit, arts and culture, and childcare.” Read full story.