Power Corporation supports Glendon’s visiting professorship program

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Glendon Hall

A half-million dollar gift from an international management and holding company based in Quebec will help York University’s Glendon College to continue to attract outstanding public leaders.

Power Corporation of Canada has contributed $500,000 to support Glendon’s visiting professorship program in the School of Public & International Affairs. The funds will attract a rotating series of academic scholars and public officials to research and teach in the school’s graduate program, the first bilingual public affairs program in Canada.

Kenneth McRoberts“Power Corporation’s commitment is a remarkable acknowledgement of Glendon College and its unique role as a Centre of Excellence for French-language and Bilingual Postsecondary Education in Southern Ontario,” says Glendon College Principal Kenneth McRoberts (right).

The five-year investment builds on Glendon’s reputation for attracting leading international public officials to serve as guest speakers and visiting professors. Glendon’s recent high-profile guest list includes former Liberal leader and current Member of Parliament Stéphane Dion; former Chief Justice of Ontario Roy McMurtry; Nathalie Des Rosiers, general counsel of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association; and former Deputy Prime Minister & Finance Minister John Manley.

Power Corporation’s gift, championed by CEO Paul Desmarais Jr. and Executive Vice-President John Rae, is part of phase two of Glendon’s Leadership for Global Challenges Campaign, which aims to double to $10 million the support already received from alumni, corporations and community leaders. The gift will be matched by York University, bringing the total available for visiting professors to $1 million.

“Power Corporation shows their faith in the future of Glendon and its essential role in francophone society in Ontario and Canada,” concludes McRoberts. “Their important contribution will continue to assist in the kind of postsecondary education that we offer here at the college and I wish to express our deep appreciation.”