Vote now and give EcoLeague a chance to win $50,000

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Hoping to win $50,000 and fund 75 better-planet projects at schools across Canada, York-based Learning for a Sustainable Future (LSF) has entered its EcoLeague program in Shell Canada’s Fuelling Change competition.

Now it needs your vote.

So far, the EcoLeague entry is one of 14 vying for four $50,000 prizes in this competition to support projects that improve Canada’s environment. The four to get the most online votes by April 30 will win. So there’s still lots of time to cast your virtual ballot. 

EcoLeague was established in 2006. It is one of several school-based sustainability action programs supported by Learning for a Sustainable Future, a 20-year-old nonprofit Canadian organization housed at York’s Institute for Research & Innovation in Sustainability (IRIS) . 

EcoLeague offers eight “recipes for action” on its website. In 2010, it funded 157 action projects across Canada and facilitated 18 action days at Toronto-area schools – for up to $400 each. Projects included schoolyard naturalization, banning plastic bottles, cleaning shorelines, making reusable bags, campaigning to stop vehicles idling near schools, raising awareness about water pollution and conserving electricity.

Winning $50,000 in the Fuelling Change competition means funds for as many as 75 action projects.

The goal of EcoLeague projects is to increase awareness about sustainability issues, engage students, and benefit the school and/or local community. After the project ends, students reports – including metrics, pictures, videos and stories – are posted on the EcoLeague website. 

Visit the Fuelling Change website to find out  how it works.