Law prof’s blog wins top award – again

close up of David Doorey

David Doorey, law professor in York’s School of Human Resource Management in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, has scooped his fourth CLawBie in four years.

David Doorey, law professorWhat’s a CLawBie, you ask? It’s the annual award given to writers of blogs on Canadian law by Stem Legal, a web strategy and development company that helps law firms.

Doorey’s Workplace Law Blog finished tied for Best Law School/Law Professor Blog with Legal Frontiers, McGill’s blog on international law. Doorey’s blog won two CLawBies in 2008 – one for best new blog – and was named the winner in its class again in 2009.

Doorey has been writing his blog since 2008 (see YFile, Jan. 20, 2010) and has made the content available to iPhone and iPad users with his own app (See YFile, May 4, 2010), which is available through iTunes.

The CLawBie judges had this to say for the 2011 award: “Doorey’s Workplace Law Blog: For many years, one of Canada’s strongest blogs in both legal academia and law practice, David Doorey’s blog had perhaps its best year yet.”

The judges also included a link to Doorey’s own Top 10 posts of the year.