Three speakers look at theatre in a time of war

Don Rubin with houses and sky behind him

Theatre experts from Egypt, Iran and Nigeria will be at York to discuss theatre in a time of war as part of Prime Time, the Department of Theatre student lecture series.

Don Rubin with houses and sky behind himThe panel discussion, moderated by York theatre Professor Don Rubin (right), former chair of the Department of Theatre in the Faculty of Fine Arts, will take place Wednesday, Feb. 8, from 11:30am to 1pm, in the Sandra Faire and Ivan Fecan Theatre, Keele campus. Everyone is welcome to attend this free event. A Q&A will follow the discussion.

The three speakers are Fathi Darrag of Egypt, Mahmoud Azizi of Iran and Emmanuel Dandaura of Nigeria.

Darrag is a professor at Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt. He teaches in the English department and is an expert on political theatre generally and Brecht’s theatre specifically. He has previously lectured at York on Egyptian theatre.

Fathi Darrag head shotFathi Darrag

Azizi is the dean of the National Theatre School in Tehran, Iran, and one of Iran’s leading actors and directors. He is on sabbatical this year doing research on Canadian theatre generally and multi-cultural theatre in particular, and has chosen York as his base because of its strong faculty complement in Canadian theatre history.

Dandaura is a theatre professor at Nasarawa State University in Keffi, Nigeria, just outside the capital city of Abuja.

Emmanuel Dandaura head shotEmmanuel Dandaura

He is an actor-director and serves as president of Nigeria’s national theatre association, SONTA. This is his second visit to York and will be staying for a month to study new theatre technologies in lighting and sound to see what can be brought to university theatres in Nigeria.

Theatre in a Time of War is a special presentation by York’s Department of Theatre and the Theatre Studies area.

For more information, visit the Department of Theatre website.