Welcome to the new YFile!

YFile York University's news Source poster

YFile York University's news Source posterYFile has changed, and we hope you like it.

On Jan. 19, we previewed our new and, we hope, more engaging website for news about York University. The new YFile site includes a moving carousel of top stories, more highlighted events, video and photo galleries, and a series of social media features, as well as the full list of daily news stories that will remain easily accessible for several days. The site was developed after wide consultation across the University (see Help us perfect the new YFile).

Today, more than 5,000 faculty and staff at York University are receiving a redesigned daily e-mail that links to the latest stories on the YFile news site, which is now officially launched. The e-mail will continue to be sent every workday morning at about 7am to all faculty and staff who are listed in York’s Atlas directory. It is optimized for a range of mobile platforms and e-mail systems.

The e-mail features all the items that have been posted in YFile since the last e-mail went out. Stories from all sections are included in one straightforward list, plus the newest York in the Media compilation and up to date Featured Events. It’s designed to give readers a quick and efficient update and to lead them to the YFile site to read the stories and explore more features.

The new YFile site includes:

  • A Top Stories section which uses a rotating carousel of images coupled with a listing of stories down the side that gives readers easy ways to enter a story. Stories can remain posted for more than one day.
  • The sections Current News, Research and Campus Notes, which carry topical items and are linked to archived stories.
  • A series of Featured Events highlighting items days in advance. Readers can also access the events calendar in one click.
  • A Facebook widget showing fans of York’s news page.
  • Twitter feeds from official units of York University.
  • A gallery of recent video postings.
  • Photo galleries on recent topics.

For those looking for the faculty and staff job postings formerly linked at the top of YFile, these can easily be reached from the Faculty and Staff button at the top of the York home page and many other York pages. They are listed under Employee Resources and Benefits.

As part of the change, Ylife, a sister publication for York students that was started in 2005, published its last stories on Jan. 30. Posts on York’s Facebook and Twitter news feeds and the my.yorku.ca student portal now link to the new YFile, so that there is one place for news for the full campus community.

In the original announcement, we asked for feedback, and we have incorporated suggestions we received. We’d still like to hear from you, both about the site and about the daily e-mail – especially if you have problems. Send comments to yfile@yorku.ca.