Lane restrictions start this week on The Pond Road

Work begins this week on the southwest corner of Keele Street and The Pond Road on a portion associated with the construction of the northern tunnels, which are part of the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension (TYSSE) project. The construction will cause traffic delays around York’s Keele campus.

The work involves the installation of a construction entrance to the construction site adjacent to the eastbound curb lane of The Pond Road. Utilities will also be excavated and relocated. A temporary sidewalk will be installed for pedestrians. A road barrier will be erected on the south side of The Pond Road and the west side of Keele Street.

Construction in the curb lane of The Pond Road is expected to be completed by mid-August. Work involving the southwest corner of Keele Street and The Pond Road will be completed in late 2012.


  • Work will normally run between 7am and 7pm, Monday to Friday.
  • No work will be done on statutory holidays.
  • During the work, there may be construction-related noise.  

    Lane Restrictions

    There will be single lane restrictions and periodic lane diversions on The Pond Road and motorists may face traffic delays.

    Pedestrian Access

    The sidewalks will remain open on one side of Keele Street at all times to maintain pedestrian access during this portion of construction.

    For more TYSSE construction information, contact TTY Service 416-481-2523 (daily, 8am to 6pm, closed holidays).