Conserve energy this Canada Day holiday weekend

Unplug (Electrical Wire)Did you know that over the course of last year’s long weekend and holiday shutdown and Unplug efforts, York University saved 453,036 kilowatt hours over the same period in 2009?

The savings represents enough energy to power the Scott Library for well over a month. (One full day of electricity in Scott Library requires approximately 10,000 kilowatt hours.)

“The Unplug initiative is proof postive that we can each make a huge difference,” says Helen Psathas, York’s senior manager of environmental design and sustainability. “Through relatively small gestures such as turning off your lights, your computer and checking your office kitchen area to make sure that lights and appliances are off, the savings really add up.”

Keep up the momentum this Canada Day long weekend by unplugging your computer and printer, and turning off your office equipment. In addition, look around for other energy consumers and turn those off as well. These include lamps, your office shredder, chargers and the radio.

In the kitchenette areas, designate one person to unplug all appliances (microwaves, coffee machines, water coolers, kettles and toasters) before the holiday begins.

Each individual action adds up and goes a long way to helping York University achieve its five-year, 25 per cent energy reduction goal.

The ability to shut down certain electrical devices will vary depending on departmental requirements. Click here to review Yorkw!se’s list of recommendations on what to unplug, or visit the Yorkw!se website and look for the Unplug icon.

For information on reducing your own carbon footprint, visit the Zerofootprint website, which offers a free and easy-to-use carbon footprint calculator.