New courier calculator finds the best price

Shopping around for the best price for a product or service can be time consuming, expensive and frustrating.

Now, Procurement Services, in collaboration with University Information Technology, has developed a new online tool that offers a fast and efficient method for getting a cost comparison for outbound courier deliveries to Canadian destinations.

Courier calculator posterThe Outbound Courier Calculator provides pricing for goods delivered within Canada and instantly compares the cost from each of the four main couriers listed on the University’s Vendors of Record list. The Outbound Courier Calculator offers a quick easy-to-use snapshot of shipment costs, helping the user to determine the best price and service option for a shipment to a Canadian destination. (It will be expanded later this year to include pricing for US and international shipments.)

Before the introduction of the Outbound Courier Calculator, community members wishing to ship goods had to check pricing for all of the four contracted couriers, or they would just call the courier they had dealt with for a previous shipment. This meant they were not always getting the best price. With the new Outbound Courier Calculator, all of the pricing, courier information, bill of lading forms and shipping requests are gathered into one convenient location, saving money and time.

The Outbound Courier Calculator is located on the Internal Community web page on the Procurement Services website. There is also a link to the calculator on the Vendors of Record web page on the Procurement Services website. Community members must log in through Passport York to use the courier calculator.

All prices quoted on the calculator exclude the harmonized sales tax and fuel surcharges. The actual pricing will vary and depends on shipment packaging, weight and size.

For more information, contact Sally Azim, procurement specialist, at ext. 22516.