How York will handle a possible postal strike

Canada Post TruckCanada Post has received notice that the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) intends to begin strike activities at 11:59pm EDT tomorrow night, June 2.

If the strike goes ahead, domestic mail and parcel delivery by Canada Post will cease.

What does this mean for the University?

Mail services

York’s Mailing Services will continue to provide internal mail services and to collect outgoing Canadian mail, so deliveries can quickly be initiated when Canada Post resumes service.

US and international mailing from York will not be affected. This service is provided by Spring Global Mail, which operates independently of Canada Post.

If you have time-sensitive domestic mail that must be delivered, there is the option of using a courier. For assistance with processing courier orders or any other questions, contact John Wilson in Mailing Services at ext. 77598 or

The Inter University Transit System (IUTS) is also still available, providing free weekly mail and parcel delivery to and from universities in Ontario. Simply mark IUTS on the top right corner of the letter or box and leave it in the usual place for collection by Mailing Services staff.

Manual payroll cheques

If you are currently paid by manual cheque instead of direct deposit, you will need to come to Human Resources, Suite A, East Office Building to pick up your cheque. You will need to provide photo identification in order for you to be given the cheque. You may also sign up for direct deposit of your cheque. The form can be found here.

If your pay advice is mailed to your home address, it will be held in Human Resources, Suite A, East Office Building until service has resumed, or you can pick up the pay advice by providing photo identification.

Sun Life benefits

Your extended health and dental benefits would be affected if you normally mail your claims to Sun Life and receive a cheque for payment of those benefits. Yesterday, Human Resources started to courier an envelope to Sun Life with claims that are put in the drop box outside of Suite A, East Office Building. This may be a good time to sign up for direct deposit to your bank account of benefit payments. Employees can also submit vision and most paramedical and dental claims through Sun Life e-claims. Be sure to follow the instructions and hold on to your receipts for 12 months. The link to submit claims or set up a direct deposit can be found on the Sun Life Member website.

Once Canada Post has reached a settlement, Human Resources will return to sending an envelope once per day to Sun Life via Priority Post.

Pension plan documents

If you have terminated employment or are retiring and have not received your pension package from Pension & Benefits, a copy will be e-mailed to you if a current e-mail address is on file with Human Resources.  In the event that no current e-mail address is available, a package will be held for you to pick up in Human Resources, Suite A, East Office Building.

Canada Post information

Canada Post has also issued the following background information:

  • Contingency plans are in place to ensure the security of Canada Post facilities and safety of any items that remain in the mail stream during a work disruption.
  • There are plans to ensure Canada Post returns to normal operations as quickly as possible following any work disruption.
  • Despite the issuance of strike notice, talks between the company and union are continuing in an effort to reach a negotiated settlement.
  • Information about the labour situation, and an option to receive updates by email or text, are available at