Multicultural Week 2011 begins Monday

Above: Stage show at the 2010 Multicultural Week

The sounds of various cultures will fill the hallways of York University again starting Monday, heralding the start of one of the most anticipated events on campus:  York is U’s annual Multicultural Week, which celebrates the diversity of York students.

From Monday through Thursday, Multicultural Week aims to bring the York community together and celebrate the differences that make it unique. With more than 50 cultural clubs displaying the vibrant colours, breathtaking displays, dazzling performances and, of course, great tasting food. The event promises to provide students with a platform for cultural expression and to educate themselves about other cultures from around the globe.

Multicultural Week kicks off on Monday at 10am with the opening ceremonies on the red carpet of the CIBC Lobby of the Keele campus’s Accolade East building. It will be followed at 11am by the annual multicultural parade. Students participating will be decked out in cultural clothing and national costumes. York’s very own Samba Squad will lead the parade of flags, floats and enthusiastic students.  At 1pm, all the clubs will strut their stuff and show off their cultural attire at the Global Fashion Show, located in the Student Centre Food Court.

Left: The Spice Bazaar from last year’s Food Fair

The famous Global Food Fair, where everyone is invited to indulge their appetites with tasty delights from various parts of the world, will take place on Tuesday at noon in the Underground’s Contact room in the Student Centre. From 3 to 5pm “DJ Battles” will rock the Underground/Student Centre, as DJs battle each other, giving us a taste of music we wouldn’t normally hear.

“Multicultural Week provides a place for the many fascinating clubs at York to showcase their unique cultures, and for the students of York to celebrate its diversity,” said Christine Mitsubata, a fourth-year business & society major and community affiliations director for York is U. This year, the theme of the week is “Mosaic” to represent the myriad beautiful images that make up diversity.

On Wednesday the Global Village will showcase more than 50 of York’s cultural clubs and their displays from 11am to 5pm. Visitors can travel the world in few hours, just by strolling through the lobby of Accolade East building. Cross-cultural workshops will also take place in the Accolade East lobby during the same time.

The renowned Stage Shows will take place on Thursday from 1pm to 9pm at the Sandra Faire and Ivan Fecan Theatre in Accolade East. Amidst colours from all across the globe, student cultural organizations will perform their hearts out in celebration of diversity.

Multicultural Week will also stimulate your brain with a thought-provoking forum known as “Dealing Diversity”, taking place on Thursday from 5 to 7pm at the Founders Assembly Hall. This forum will be a “café” style” discussion on multiculturalism and diversity in York and Toronto.

Above: Students celebrate at the 2010 Multicultural Week parade