York Knowledge Mobilization launches 28 new ResearchSnapshots

York’s Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) Unit is expanding its repository of clear language research summaries – RsearchSnapshots – as part of its mandate to maximize the impact of research.

Using peer-reviewed York research, students working within the KMb Unit developed 28 new summaries over the summer. This brings the existing searchable database of ResearchSnapshots to over 120 summaries.

The KMb Unit focused on three priorities identified by one of York’s leading partners, the United Way of York Region (UWYR). 

The priorities are:

  • Helping youth grow up strong.
  • Enabling individuals and families to achieve economic independence. 
  • Improving the well-being of individuals and communities.

These research summaries provide the United Way and its network of member agencies with an important foundation for decision making and policy setting.

“Having access to relevant research strengthens UWYR’s capacity to make evidence-based decisions, and informs the planning and delivery of our strategic investments in communities of rapid growth,” says Daniele Zanotti, CEO of the UWYR.

This is the third year that the KMb Unit has developed ResearchSnapshots based on York research, and the project has attracted notice and enthusiasm among the wider community.

“I was able to include the research summary of the York Region Infrastructure project in my PowerPoint presentation,” says Joanna French, a researcher for the York Region District School Board. “It provided a succinct, pertinent and accessible way to introduce academic research into my presentation.”

Visit Knowledge Mobilization’s website for more information about how the unit works with York researchers, community agencies, government and the private sector.

Submitted by Michael Johnny, manager of York’s Knowledge Mobilization Unit