Unused Aeroplan Miles can transform students’ lives

This month, put unused Aeroplan Miles to work to transform the lives of York students.

Until the end of October, the Aeroplan Charitable Pooling Program will allow Aeroplan members to donate unused miles to the University to enrich the international experience of students.

Right: Internationalization at York provides students with an opportunity to gain international experience. It also provides faculty and students with increased opportunities for international research and collaboration.

York University is committed to providing opportunities for students to add an international element to their degree, from exchange programs with partner universities to international internships to volunteer work in communities.

The primary reason more students cannot be accommodated in these programs is the cost of international airfares and room and board. Donating unused Aeroplan Miles can make the difference.

York University Foundation can accept unused miles for a limited time only, from Oct. 1 to 31. To donate, Aeroplan members can complete and submit the Aeroplan pledge form. A donation of Aeroplan Miles does not qualify for a charitable tax receipt from York University Foundation.

For more information, visit the Aeroplan Charitable Pooling Program Web site.