A new look for York’s computing and information technology services

As part of his May announcement regarding the reorganization of senior management responsibilities, York President & Vice-Chancellor Mamdouh Shoukri announced the creation of a new integrated information technology unit – University Information Technology (UIT) – through the merger of Computing & Network Services and Information Technology Services.

“The creation of this new unit has been met with very positive response from throughout the University,” says Chief Information Officer Bob Gagne. “The change will bring greater clarity of access to IT services and really enhances our capability to address the full scope of the University’s research, academic and administrative needs.”

Right: Bob Gagne (right) serves birthday cake during a recent departmental celebration marking the birth of University Information Technology

To celebrate the birth of the new unit, Gagne recently served up some birthday cake to staff of the two divisions. “I thought we’d celebrate the birthday of University Information Technology,” said Gagne, “and what better way to do that then with birthday cake.”

Members of the two divisions have worked together for years and Gagne said that the changes were viewed as positive for not only staff in the units but for the entire University.

The fundamental role of the new unit is to provide University-wide information technology services, solutions and leadership in the use of technology to enhance York’s strategic priorities. “The restructuring enhances our capability to support the academic and research goals of the University and gives greater clarity of access to services and solutions, and an improved focus on customer service.”

The scope and depth of the capacity of talent and expertise in York’s new UIT brings the promise of some exciting changes for York, said Gagne. So what does this mean to the average York computer user? Eventually, said Gagne, there will be some change, but, “it is important to maintain existing service relationships, so for now it is business as usual.” As changes emerge, each will be communicated to the University community.

For more on the changes, visit the new UIT Web site.