Faculty of Health initiates Health Leadership & Learning Network

The Health Leadership & Learning Network (HLLN) is an innovative new unit within York’s Faculty of Health which will offer programs and services for customized programming, open learning programs, consulting, convening and networking.

In other universities with health science faculties, this division is typically called continuing education or professional development, and although the HLLN will serve similar functions, such as providing courses for professional upgrading and maintenance of certification, it will also have a broader and more distinctive focus.

The scope of the HLLN will be local, national and global. It will be a central part of the Faculty of Health’s integrated education model for linking undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programs. The HLLN was created to respond to a number of important needs and opportunities, including the need of health care professionals to have access to continuing learning opportunities to support certification.

In addition, there is a critical need for new and responsive leadership development approaches to address health system transformation. The HLLN hopes to do this by building networks of like-minded people who want to make a difference.