Rosanna Furgiuele appointed associate principal of Student Services at Glendon

Rosanna Furgiuele, chair of Glendon’s Department of French Studies, will take over from Louise Lewin as associate principal of Student Services at Glendon come July.

“I am delighted with the choice of my successor and undertake to provide all the information and help I can to enable her to carry forward with this portfolio through a smooth transition," said Lewin, who has held the post for 12 years.  As of July 1, Lewin is taking on a new position which builds directly on her Glendon expertise – she’ll be the academic director of the Ontario/Rhône-Alpes Student Exchange Program, which is hosted at York .

Furgiuele is no stranger to administration. In addition to chairing Glendon’s Department of French Studies, she is also director of Glendon’s French Language Program. She has organized two French competitions (Concours de français) at Glendon and has participated in several departmental and Faculty committees. She has also coordinated student exchange programs between Glendon and universities in France, Belgium and Quebec – a direct link to her future activities as coordinator of Glendon student exchanges.

Left: Rosanna Furgiuele

Furgiuele has a PhD in French-Canadian literature from the University of Toronto and teaches French language and literature at Glendon. She expresses a deep interest in curriculum design and development, and has published several French-language manuals in use at various Canadian and US universities. She has just completed 25 years of service at York, initially teaching on the Keele campus, where she also worked on the Study Abroad Program.

“The greatest satisfaction of the new position [of associate principal of Student Services] will be the continued close contact with students,” says Furgiuele. She favours an open-door policy for students, as well as for the team of nearly 25 managers and staff she will be leading.

“I believe in listening to students and giving them a voice. It is important for Student Services to be in touch with what is happening within the student community," she says. "I am lucky to have such solid foundations to build on, to inherit such a well-oiled machine.” Her approach blends perfectly with Lewin’s in being open and welcoming to students, as well as in working in a collaborative team approach.

Furgiuele starts her three-year mandate on July 1. While she admits that she will miss teaching in the classroom, her enthusiasm is infectious. “I am ready for this challenge, eager to fulfill my goals which are so similar to my predecessor’s – enhancing students’ experience, ensuring that their years at Glendon are fruitful, successful, enriching and happy.”

Submitted to YFile by Glendon communications officer Marika Kemeny