Glendon’s Kenneth McRoberts to give a public lecture on Canada’s dualism

Glendon Principal Kenneth McRoberts will deliver a public lecture on the topic of "Dealing with Dualism: Language, Culture and Identity in Canada / Faire face à la dualité : Langue, culture et identité au Canada" on Wednesday, March 11 at 7pm in historic Glendon Manor on the Glendon campus.

Hosted by Louise Lewin, Glendon’s associate principal, student services, this is the first of nine lectures in the College Masters’ Public Lecture Series, organized to celebrate York University’s 50th anniversary. This series offers an opportunity for each of York University’s nine colleges to present on a topic of relevance to the college and to the University at large. Glendon’s event is unique because it will be a bilingual lecture given by the principal himself.

Right: Glendon Principal Kenneth McRoberts will deliver the first lecture in the College Masters’ Public Lecture Series

"Canada has always been fundamentally dualist. This is reflected in the status of official languages, the demography of language, the structure of cultural and social networks and the dynamics of social and political identities. Nonetheless, recognition of this dualism has been uneven," writes McRoberts in his lecture abstract. "The B&B Commission [Commission on Bilingualism & Biculturalism] was the high point of recognition; the collapse of Meech the low point. Nevertheless, dualism is here to stay. New approaches are needed, not in a futile attempt to dissolve it, but to soften its impact. They involve such matters as: exchange programs for university students, a coherent strategy for second-language training and a meaningful approach to creating an ‘exemplary’ federal public service. Inevitably, however, dualism also leads to the Quebec question."

Admission to this public lecture is free. Everyone is welcome to attend the lecture, however, advance registration is appreciated. To register, or for more information on the lecture and the rest of the College Masters’ Public Lecture Series, contact Louise Lewin at 416-487-6716 or visit the U50 Web site.