Spanish Resource Centre launches at Glendon on Friday

York University’s Spanish Resource Centre, in existence since 2001 at Vanier College on the Keele campus, is launching its new location at Glendon with a festive opening Friday, Nov. 21 at 7pm at the Glendon Gallery.

The inauguration of the centre will feature a talk by Pere Salabert (right), professor of art, esthetics and theory in the University of Barcelona’s Department of Art History, titled, “Notes on Spanish Contemporary Art: From Metaphysical Esthetics to Sarcology/Notas sobre el arte español contemporáneo. De una estética metafísica a la sarcología."

Salabert was an art critic for various publications in Barcelona and Madrid for over seven years starting in 1976. From 1983 to 2002, he was the editor-in-chief of the University of Barcelona’s refereed journal D’ART and until 2004 under its new title MATERIA. Salabert’s primary field of specialization is philosophical esthetics with a particular interest in psychoanalytic theory and semiotics.

The Spanish Resource Centre is supported by Spain’s Ministry of Education, Social Policy & Sports, in collaboration with Glendon College and York University. The centre organizes seminars and workshops related to teaching and research of the Spanish language and culture. The centre also offers a collection of Spanish-language books and audiovisual materials of pedagogical value, which can be borrowed.

Anyone interested in Spanish language and culture is welcome to attend. The Spanish Resource Centre is in Room 045, York Hall, Glendon campus. For more information, contact the centre at; the centre’s temporary phone number 416-487-6777; or visit the Spanish Resource Centre Web site.