FAQs offer information about the move of York’s benefits to Sun Life

The Pension & Benefits Office at York University recently sent a package to each employee and retiree who currently has benefit coverage with Great West Life Assurance Company informing them that effective Dec. 1, Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada will be administering the benefit programs. 

Here is a list of frequently asked questions for all employees.  

Why is it that when I call Sun Life they do not have a record of me? 
The Sun Life policy is effective Dec. 1, therefore your record will not appear on their system until Dec. 1.

Why is it that when I log onto the Sun Life’s Web site to see my benefits coverage, they do not appear?
Sun Life starts administering the benefit plans on Dec. 1. That is the day that when the Sun Life Web site for York University employees and retirees will become available to them.

What changes are there to the benefit coverage?
There are no changes to the benefit coverage. This is only a change in the insurance carrier from Great West Life to Sun Life.

I currently have a drug card. Will I receive a drug card with Sun Life?
Yes. The new drug card will be mailed to your home address the week of Dec. 1. If you require prescription drugs before receiving your new drug card, refer to the Sun Life package that was sent to you. It provides the information that you will need to give to your pharmacist when paying for a prescription drug.

I currently don’t have a drug card. Will I be getting one now that we are with Sun Life?
No. The benefit plans remain unchanged; therefore you will not be receiving a drug card.

I will be out of the country during the transition to Sun Life. I currently have a green card from Great West Life that has the policy number and my personal ID number. What am I supposed to do for identification?
The green card is for information purposes only; therefore on a temporary basis write down the new Sun Life policy number (14098) and Sun Life’s phone number (1-800-361-6212) and carry it with you (on the green card as a suggestion). Your personal ID number remains unchanged. Effective Dec. 1,  you can log onto the Sun Life Web site and produce your own identification card. Also, York’s Pension & Benefits Office will be obtaining identification cards and mailing them to employees.

When do I stop sending my claims to Great West Life?
Nov. 30, 2008.

My dentist currently submits my claims electronically. Will my dentist be able to submit my claims electronically to Sun Life?
Yes. Effective Dec. 1, provide the new policy number (14098) to your dentist’s office so they can code their system.

I have some outstanding claims that I have not submitted to Great West Life. What should I do?
You should submit all outstanding claims to Great West Life to have paid prior to Dec. 1. If you locate outstanding claims after Dec. 1, submit them to Sun Life as long as they have a service date greater than Sept. 1, 2007. Claims with a service date more than 15 months old will not be honoured by Great West Life or by Sun Life.

When will I get a new benefit booklet?
Remember that the benefits are not changing so you can continue to refer to the current booklet. However, new booklets are being produced and will soon be available on the Department of Human Resources & Employee Relations Web site. We will also be sending you a copy as soon as it is available. The current benefit booklets are here.  

Will my annual limits and deductibles be refreshed as of Dec. 1?
No. Claims history is being moved from Great West Life to Sun Life. The annual limits remain the same.

I did not receive the information package that announced the change to Sun Life. How do I get the information package? Or I have a question that has not been answered in these FAQs. Who do I contact? 
You can contact the Pension & Benefits office to obtain an information package or to ask additional questions. If you are calling from outside of the University, dial 416-736-2100 and then the extension below:

Your last name initial



Email Address

A – E, M

Margaret Crowe



F – L, Q, R

Ida Condotta



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Peter Chakonza