Glendon invites schools to participate in its Model UN Day

DayMUN 2008, the fifth annual Model United Nations Day at Glendon on Friday, Nov. 21, will be a little different this year. In addition to members of Glendon’s Model United Nations Student Club (GMUN) participating, DayMUN 2008 is open to high school students from MUN clubs as well as all other interested school clubs.

“This widens the scope of our conference and welcomes more students than most conferences,” says DayMUN 2008 Secretary General Alexandra Ross. “It also promotes the further growth of Model United Nations groups and offers Glendon students the opportunity to practice their debating skills prior to other conferences.”

DayMUN, a United Nations simulation, is an all-day event running from 8am to 6pm. This year’s conference will focus on themes of international development and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Students will individually represent a country in either the Economic & Social Council or the United Nations Development Program.

Prior to the conference, delegates will research their country’s foreign policy on the issues set to be discussed. On the day of the conference, delegates will fully represent their country and discuss the issues with other delegates, exercising their debate and diplomacy skills, in hopes of achieving a resolution to the issues.

“Glendon’s DayMUN allows students from all levels of experience to engage in research and debate around their country’s foreign policy and exercise their leadership and diplomacy skills,” says Ross. “We will also be offering a short workshop to high schools interested in participating, to introduce them to the rules and procedures of DayMUN.”

DayMUN 2008 will take place in the ballroom of Glendon Hall, Glendon campus. Details of the program and registration forms can be found on the DayMUN 2008 Web site. For more information, e-mail