METRAC is seeking your input on safety at York University

METRAC is conducting an independent third-party safety audit of York University and its satellite locations. METRAC consultants are interested in finding out about your safety needs as a member of the York University community. You are invited to share your personal concerns and recommendations to improve safety on York’s campuses. All campus users (students, faculty and staff) are encouraged to get in touch about their safety experiences at York University. Everyone has an important voice in the safety audit.

Interested community members can participate in a number of ways:   

Online survey
In order to get a sense of students, faculty, staff experiences and understanding of safety at York University, METRAC has created a safety survey. To participate, click here to access a confidential survey. The survey will be available for the month of October.

Confidential e-mail
Share your experiences about safety at York by sending an e-mail to The e-mail address is available for campus users until Dec. 19.

Confidential voicemail
Leave a confidential voicemail at 416-736-2100 Ext. 22997. The voicemail is available for campus users until Dec. 19. 

Focus groups
METRAC will be conducting several focus groups with various campus users to learn about individuals’ existing sense of safety. To find out further information, contact 416-392-9138, or e-mail for a schedule of dates and times.

Information collected will be used by METRAC external consultants to assess the safety needs of individuals and community groups at York University. All information shared is accessed by METRAC and will remain confidential.