York’s 50th: New U50 Anniversary microsite launches today

There’s something new, fun and interactive at York University. Today marks the debut of York’s new U50 microsite and it’s designed to be the home for all information related to the University’s 50th anniversary celebrations taking place throughout 2009.

Above: York’s new U50 microsite is the home for all information related to the University’s 50th Anniversary celebrations

A showcase for "everything U50", the new microsite delves into York’s past and highlights the initiatives and activities planned for the coming year. There’s something for everyone on the microsite – dynamic visuals, a fun and interactive York U trivia quiz that tests knowledge of the University, customized York wallpaper for computer desktops, a slide show and an archive of historic videos and photographs. The archive includes some rare footage of the installation of Murray Ross as York’s first president that was unearthed by John Briggs and his team at the University’s Instructional Technology Centre.

Today’s launch marks the premiere of phase one of the site. Over the coming weeks, more details will be added to the U50 event calendar showcasing a diverse and tempting array of symposia, lectures, performances, exhibitions, celebrations and special events planned for 2009. The microsite will officially launch to the external community in January 2009, marking the start of a year-long anniversary celebration.

Easy to navigate, York’s U50 microsite also features a "Share your York U story" YouTube video option. York faculty, staff, students and alumni are invited to start sharing their memories and stories about their time at York through a videocast.

"We are asking people to go to YouTube and submit a videocast about their experiences while they studied or worked at York," says Richard Fisher, York’s chief marketing & communications officer. "We want to know how York has changed their life, what their time at York was like and any funny or interesting memories they have about their time here."

The microsite was developed with the help of members of the University’s U50 microsite committee and designed by Maureen Murphy Patterson of York’s Computing & Network Services Division, as a fun and educational way to learn more about the past, present and future of York.

Visitors to the U50 microsite can navigate their way through a wealth of information on the University’s anniversary celebrations. News stories and features will be continually added to keep the University community up-to-date on all the dynamic activities York is planning for 2009.

As new phases are added, the content will continue to be enriched. Coming soon are interviews with four of York’s past presidents and a looking-forward interview with Mamdouh Shoukri, York’s current president & vice-chancellor. 

For those interested in acquiring special U50 memorabilia, a secure online shopping portal will be added in November. The portal will link directly to the York University Bookstore, the official retailer of U50 merchandise.

The microsite features a link to York to the Power of 50, the $200-million fundraising campaign mounted for the University’s 50th anniversary. A "Donate Now" button offers a fast and secure way to support the campaign.

For more information – or to play the trivia challenge – visit the U50 Anniversary Web site.