It’s Recreation York’s free Demo Week at the Tait McKenzie Centre

Do you want to get active without opening your wallet? Do you feel like dancing or swimming? Are you in the mood for some yoga or tai chi?

Recreation York is offering an opportunity for you to try out a host of activities at the Tait McKenzie Centre during York’s free Demo Week, on this week only until Sept. 14. 

Right: Pilates will be one of the free activities offered during Demo Week at the Tait McKenzie Centre. Photo by Rita Abiog.

During Demo Week, Recreation York throws open the doors on a wide range of classes all offered at no cost. Whether your interests are in the martial arts, tennis, swimming or yoga, it’s all free for one week.

New fall activities of note for this week include Zumba, Latin Dance Choreography, Salsa Styling, Boot Camp, Bosu Ball Duo, Russian Systema, Yoga Meditation Techniques and Yogalates.

Drop in to the Tait McKenzie Centre at York’s Keele campus to sample any of the classes listed below: 


  • Aqua-fit
  • Swimming Lessons


  • Argentine Tango
  • Ballet
  • Balletone
  • Ballroom
  • Belly
  • Cardio Dance Mix
  • Cardio Hiphop
  • Cardio Salsa
  • Caribbean Soul
  • Hiphop Challenge
  • Latin
  • Latin Dance Choreography
  • Salsa Nightclub Style
  • Salsa Styling
  • Zumba


  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Skating
  • Hockey


Martial Arts

  • Capoeira
  • Mixed Martial Arts/Grappling
  • Muay Thai
  • Russian Systema

Mind/Body Fitness

  • Pilates
  • Power Yoga
  • Yoga Basics
  • Hatha-Restorative Yoga
  • Tai chi
  • Yoga Meditation Techniques
  • Yogalates

Spinning & Circuit Plus

  • Circuit Plus
  • Spinning

In addition to Demo Week, some exciting events are coming up at the Tait McKenzie Centre. Look for information on upcoming classes in women’s Wen-Do self defence, nutrition tune-ups, fitness centre orientations and much more over the next few weeks.

For more information, as well as the complete schedule for Demo Week, call the Tait McKenzie Centre Client Services desk at ext. 55185, or grab a copy of the Free Demo Week flyer available online or at the Tait McKenzie Centre. For more information on the myriad of recreation activities at York University, visit the Recreation York Web site.