It’s time to burst the bubble sheet

Introduced by the Registrar’s Office nearly two years ago, the popular Grades on the Web system has proven to be a resounding success, says Don Murdoch, associate registrar for student services. The system, says Murdoch, provides faculty and select York personnel with an easy and secure method of uploading final grades directly onto the student record system. It is paperless, flexible and helps instructors upload hundreds of grades with one keystroke.

As a result of its success, the Registrar’s Office is announcing that Grades on the Web will completely replace the old bubble sheet technology effective spring 2008.

Don MurdochRight: York associate registrar Don Murdoch does his part to burst the bubble sheet

“The time has come for us to turn the corner,” says Murdoch. “Since the pilot project, Grades on the Web has run in tandem with the bubble sheets. But, the old technology is no longer viable, so we will not be producing bubble sheets for the upcoming grades exercise.”

“Bubble sheets are tedious and error prone," says Merv Mosher, senior lecturer in York’s School of Kinesiology & Health Science, Faculty of Health. “The online process is so fast and simple; I’m surprised everyone isn’t using it. If you have a large class the amount of time saved is enormous!”

Like Mosher, most instructors are already using Grades on the Web. For those who have yet to use the new system, however, there are many ways to get ready.

Upon invitation, the Registrar’s Office team is delivering instructional presentations to Faculty Councils and departmental meetings. “This helps us reach many people at one time,” says Murdoch. “But most professors and staff find it quite easy to learn the new system on their own, either from the Web or with the help of a colleague.”

“Recently, two staff members contacted our office to arrange for some training, but later that morning they called us back to cancel," says Murdoch. "They said they spent a few minutes reading through the instructions on the Web and felt confident enough that they no longer needed the training.”

You, too, can help burst the bubble sheet by visiting the Grades on the Web site.