Carpool Zone ride-matching Web site improves service for York commuters

Smart Commute – North Toronto, Vaughan and York University are launching Carpool Zone – a new carpool ride-matching system. Carpool Zone replaces the Web site, which was previously available to York University.

Carpool Zone is a new tool that is currently being used by local businesses including ING Direct and sanofi pasteur. It has more than 4,000 people registered and provides a high quality of service to those interested in carpooling. A Greater Toronto Area initiative, Carpool Zone, by virtue of its focus on the GTA, increases the chance that you will be able to find a suitable carpool match.

The old system,, was retired on May 31. It is no longer available to the York University community. Registering for Carpool Zone is easy and its enhanced features include:

  • An online tutorial that guides you through the process of registering your route and communicating with potential matches.
  • The matching system looks for potential carpool matches along your route in addition to near your starting point
  • Starting points can be either your home or one of the provincially operated carpool lots.
  • You can customize preferences to control the distance you will travel away from your route to pick up a carpool partner.
  • You can select your preferred route (e.g. detours to avoid traffic or drop children at daycare) rather than taking the computer’s choice of route.
  • Protects your privacy in that no other user can see your profile or find your e-mail address unless you give them permission.
  • Access valuable tips for carpooling etiquette and best practices.
  • Confidently carpool with people from your workplace.
  • Over 4,000 registered users increase your chances of finding a suitable carpool match, with more potential matches registering every day.

Instructions to register on Carpool Zone

If you are not currently registered for carpooling, visit the Smart Commute – North Toronto, Vaughan Web site, select the York University Carpool Zone and register as a new user.

If you are currently carpooling, visit the Smart Commute – North Toronto, Vaughan Web site, select the York University Carpool Zone and register as a new user.

By registering your trip in Carpool Zone you may find interested riders to fill up that third, fourth, or fifth seat in your vehicle that is currently empty. In addition, by registering you will help Smart Commute NTV to track the success of the Carpool Zone service in reducing traffic congestion and helping to combat climate change.