New graduate diploma set in postsecondary education

York’s Graduate Program in Education is now offering a new Graduate Diploma in Postsecondary Education: Community, Culture & Policy for people who are interested in working in postsecondary institutions and in adult education settings. 

“This new diploma helps extend the academic reach of the Faculty beyond the K-12 arena to postsecondary education and should be of interest both to those excited by academic research on postsecondary education, and those who have careers, or are planning careers, in college and university administration," said Paul Axelrod, dean of York’s Faculty of Education.

"Based on the research that graduate students and faculty undertake, we believe that York can help inform policy development in this field, where there is a dearth of scholarship, especially about Canada," said Axelrod. 

The program will explore a range of themes including: the history and philosophy of postsecondary education, student transitions from schooling to college, university and the world of employment; access, equity and the education of new Canadians; the student experience; disabilities and postsecondary education; adult and community education; gender and postsecondary education; the political, economic and legal dimensions of university and college life; professional; the scholarship and practice of teaching and learning; and the internationalization of higher education.

Students can also take the diploma in conjunction with a master’s or doctoral degree or as a stand alone, non-degree.

For information on how to apply, visit the Faculty of Education Graduate Program Web site.