York’s Creative Ensemble stages a dark musical comedy about the Internet

Heralded for its innovative, thought-provoking and entertaining theatre productions, York University’s Creative Ensemble is set to spotlight its talents in InfiNet, a dark musical comedy about the Internet and how people interact with it. The production will be staged in the Joseph G. Green Studio Theatre from April 17 to 19. 

Collectively written by the members of the Creative Ensemble, InfiNet is directed by David Matheson (BFA ’05), an alumnus of York’s graduate theatre program, with musical direction by Miquelon Rodriguez, a Creative Ensemble member. The production features predominately vocal music from a variety of genres, including comic rock and rap songs.

Spurred on by imagination and challenge, the fourth-year theatre students in the Creative Ensemble work collectively toward developing, from concept to performance, theatrical pieces that are strikingly original in content and form. It is this approach that sets their works apart from other theatre productions. 

“InfiNet is definitely not your typical theatre show,” said Cam Hauseman, a Creative Ensemble member. It really speaks to how the Internet has forever altered human interaction. Through a futuristic plot, the production examines different aspects of how this communications upheaval has and could possibly affect socialization.”

Giving InfiNet voice and presence on stage are the 21 members of the Creative Ensemble: Glyn Bowerman, Sean Bruno, Jasmine Bulgin, Simon Esler, James Fanizza, Brendan Gilhuly, Cam Hauseman, Anne Kieser, Adam Kirkham, Leanne McDonald, Tamara McIlhinney, Scarlet O’Neill, Esther Raday, Miquelon Rodriguez, Chris Rouse, Tamara Salpeter, Shira Schwartz, Gin Shulist, Sarah Thorpe, Jason Wilson and Jaclyn Zaltz.

InfiNet is just the ticket for adventurous theatre-goers who hunger for something different on stage. Showtimes are 7:30 pm on April 17 & 19 and 1:00 pm on April 18. Admission is pay-what-you-can with a suggested donation of $8. Tickets may be purchased at the box office in the lobby of the Centre for Film and Theatre, by phone at 647-998-4657 or at the door.

For detailed information about the Creative Ensemble, including the production and cast, visit their Web site at www.creative-ensemble.tk.

This article was submitted to YFile by Mary-Lou Schagena in the Faculty of Fine Arts.