Alternate space designated for worship during Scott renovations

The Scott Religious Centre, a meeting place for the many religious groups active on the Keele campus, will be renovated this summer. The centre, which contains a non-denominational chapel, meditation room and several student religious group offices, will be closed from May 1 to Aug. 17 in order to accommodate the renovations.

In recognition of the fact that students, staff and faculty require prayer space over the summer, York University has reserved room S101A Ross Bldg. as an alternate space for religious functions during the renovation period. The University is currently looking at washroom space in the vicinity of S101A for ablution. Once the space has been designated, special notification will be posted both inside and outside the washroom space to identify that it will be used for ablution.

The Interfaith Council, comprised of representatives from all the religious groups, is charged with running the centre and advises the University, through the director of the Centre for Student Community & Leadership Development, on matters relating to the centre and religious affairs and activities on campus.

The Chair and other members of the Interfaith Council may be contacted at ext. 55144.