In which watersheds are York’s campuses situated?

Thursday is World Water Day 2007 and students from York’s Faculty of Environmental Studies have organized a day of activities around this year’s theme of coping with water scarcity.

To begin, they ask you to test your water knowledge by answering the following questions:

  • Which watersheds are York’s Keele and Glendon campuses situated in?
  • What is happening to the University’s water fountains?
  • If storm water flows underground, can anybody hear it?

Then they invite you to join them to find the answers to these watery questions. From 10am to 4pm, they have organized the following interactive activities which will take place in the Vari Hall Rotunda: 

  • a tap water vs. bottled water taste test challenge
  • water footprints and watershed living exhibits
  • a chance to win prizes, such as reusable water bottles, water saving devices for the home, and watershed maps

Also, at 10:30am, check out the animated Black Creek Storytelling Parade, an engaging tour connecting you to York’s ecological and cultural landscapes.

The storytelling parade will be held at the Sticky Wicket (the big orange sculpture), located outside of the Health, Nursing & Environmental Studies Building. This event will be followed by a hot lunch.

For details about the United Nation’s annual March 22 event, see the World Water Day Web site.

Sponsors of the York event include: FES Office of the Dean, Canada Research Chair in Sustainability & Culture at York, Graduate Environmental Studies Student Association, Facilities Services, Institute for Research & Innovation in Sustainability (IRIS), and Sister Watersheds Project.