A flexible option

In addition to being a photo identification card, meal plan card and a library card, the YU-card can now be used as a prepaid debit card to conveniently purchase items on campus. As of today, students can now load their cards with "Flex" dollars which can be used to purchase books, supplies and York items at the bookstore.

Left: The YU-card


The YU-card acts as a prepaid debit card, not a credit card. Students must have money in their YU-card account to use it.

Unlike other cards, there are no fees to use the YU-card (e.g., Interac, bank plan transaction limits, or minimum purchase fees charged by some retailers).

Many students have enjoyed the convenience of not having to carry cash or change with them to make frequent purchases with their YU-card.

Students (and parents) can add Flex dollars to their YU-card account at the YU-card Office, or by using their credit card on the YU-card Web site. This provides the best of both worlds including credit card points when you add funds to the YU-card, or use only one Interac debit transaction and enjoy unlimited YU-card transactions at locations across campus that don’t necessarily accept debit/credit but accept YU-card. Students can also check their balance online at any time.

A complete list of locations that accept the YU-card is available on the YU-card Web site.