Osgoode students take the Supreme Court to the Web

"The Court" is a new Web site produced by Osgoode Hall Law School. Focusing on the Supreme Court of Canada, The Court is a blog and resource repository that is managed and produced by student editors at Osgoode. 


Above: The Court’s student editors who are working with Professor Emeritus Simon Fodden on the new online Supreme Court initiative. From the left: Evan VanDyk, Yu-Sung Soh, Naseem Mithoowani, Thomas Hughes, Julie Lanz, Jodi Martin, Tracy Brown, Prof. Simon Fodden, Julian Ho, Krystal Manitius, Corey Wall.

The student editors, under the supervision of Osgoode Professor Emeritus Simon Fodden, work to prepare daily news and opinion pieces about the Supreme Court of Canada and its judgments. The students, who each receive an honorarium for their services, are responsible for writing the commentary and for soliciting and editing commentary from law scholars at Osgoode and elsewhere.

The group is also preparing a complete bibliography of scholarly works about the Supreme Court of Canada. It will include biographies of the judges, and a history of the court and its work. The group’s aim is to make The Court Web site a reliable and useful information resource about the Supreme Court. In addition to blogs, news and resource material, the site features a Top Court Talk column which contains reports from scholars around the world about developments at their countries’ supreme courts.

For more information, visit The Court Web site at www.thecourt.ca.