Panel to reflect on outcomes of elections in Latin America

The University Colloquium on the Global South at York will host a panel presentation, titled “Reflections on the Election Year in Latin America”. This presentation closes the colloquium’s fall series and will take place today, from 2:30 to 4:30pm, in 305 York Lanes.

The panel will reflect on and discuss the outcomes of the various Latin American elections held during 2005-2006 with reflections based in the framing of relations between the Global South and the Global North. The presentation will examine the ways in which such relations played a role in the election process and outcome and what might the ramifications of the results suggest for Global South/Global North relations?

Panellists include York PhD candidate in geography Laura Shillington, independent journalist Jonah Gindin, and York political science PhD candidate Thomas Marois. 

Event organizer and Chair Laura Shillington’s research focuses on human-environment interactions and relations. Her current research examines the boundaries between humans and “environment/nature” and how such boundaries are created, maintained, negotiated and challenged. In particular, she is interested in understanding the politics and cultures of such boundaries in urban areas and the ways in which these produce ‘liveable” cities. Her research draws primarily on feminist theory and political ecology approaches.

Jonah Gindin, who studied history and international development at McGill, is a Canadian freelance journalist living and working in Caracas, Venezuela. He chronicles the country’s social and political development for print and online publications, including the e-zine, ZNet , Canadian Dimension magazine, Monthly Review and the NACLA Report on the Americas.

The University Colloquium on the Global South is an open space for debate and critical inquiry for students, faculty members, NGOs, social activists and policy makers. Colloquia are free and do not require pre-registration.

For information or to register for updates, visit the University Consortium on the Global South Web site or call Elena Cirkovic at ext. 55237. This event is co-sponsored by the Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLAC)