Memorial tree planted for Eric Ostvik

Eric Ostvik worked as a production controller in Client Services in York’s Computing & Network Services (CNS) until his sudden death on Sept. 26, 2005 at age 56. Following his death, Mr. Ostvik’s colleagues decided to honour his memory by purchasing and planting a memorial tree with a plaque. The staff of CNS went to work over the next year and raised the necessary funds for the tree. They organized several fundraising activities including a bagel breakfast and a draw for a Valentine gift basket. Donations were also made by a number of faculty and students.

Left: Eric Ostvik’s brother Neil (right) helps prepare the plaque for the memorial tree

This fall, on Sept. 28, the staff of CNS together with Mr. Ostvik’s brother Neil and his wife Pam McRoberts, Mr. Ostvik’s sister Chris and his aunt Kath Heyes gathered on York’s Keele campus to plant the tree and secure the memorial plaque. Afterwards every one who attended shared stories about Mr. Ostvik.

Mr. Ostvik’s memory will live on through the memorial tree. In addition to the family members who attended the tree-planting ceremony, he is survived by his sister Susan in Vancouver.