Faculty of Arts celebrates outstanding members

Each year York’s Faculty of Arts presents the Dean’s Awards to recognize and celebrate faculty members for outstanding research, teaching and service to students. On Oct. 12, Dean Robert Drummond presented the 2005-2006 awards to seven faculty members at the Faculty of Arts Council meeting.

Right: Dean Robert Drummond (left) presents Ilijas Farah with a research award

The Dean’s Award for Outstanding Research went to three faculty members for research published within the past three years. Selection was based on the academic significance of the work and its impact on the field. Awards were presented to:

  • Ilijas Farah, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, for contributions to set theory;
  • Laurence Harris, Department of Psychology, for vision research, including the development of vision in babies, an astronaut’s perception of verticality and the perception of time; and 
  • Maynard Maidman, Department of History, for his interpretation of cuneiform tablets found in excavations of the Mesopotamian town of Nuzi dating back to the second millennium BC.

Right: Drummond (left) presents Kathrynn Denning with a teaching award

The Dean’s Award for Outstanding Teaching went to three faculty members for excellence in the classroom and contributions to departmental teaching culture. Awards were presented to:

  • Kathrynn Denning, Department of Anthropology, teaches introductory archaeology and physical anthropology and has introduced six new courses in three years. Denning’s courses are in high demand. She is an outstanding teacher and mentor to students and an exemplary role model to teaching assistants.
  • John Eastwood, Department of Psychology, teaches abnormal psychology and is known for his extraordinary rapport with students. He has a record of extensive supervision of both undergraduate and graduate students, who describe his teaching abilities as “unparalleled”.

Right: Drummond (right) presents John Eastwood with a teaching award

  • Mike Zabrocki, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, teaches algebra and the fundamentals of mathematics for teachers. He is an inspiring teacher, passionate about mathematics and highly innovative in his teaching methods. Students love Zabrocki, not because his classes are easy, but because they get it.

This story was submitted to YFile by Marlin Gold, events & promotions coordinator, Faculty of Arts.