Cambridge animal behaviourist speaks at Glendon

Cambridge University animal behaviourist Nathan Emery gives a talk about how to build a scrub jay that reads minds, tomorrow at Glendon’s York Hall, room 204, at 5pm.

Emery works on corvid social intelligence, including caching behavior, theory of mind and social gaze. He is currently a Royal Society University Research Fellow working on a long-term project titled “Social reasoning: evolution, cognition and neurobiology”.

The two-hour lecture Oct. 27 is the first in the Cognition in Context Speaker Series. Funded by a York University Seminar for Advanced Research Grant, the series is sponsored by York’s Cognitive Science Program, Faculty of Arts; Glendon’s Department of Psychology; the Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts; and Calumet College.

Upcoming speakers include anthropologist Susan Perry from the University of California Los Angeles, who talks about social learning in wild capuchin monkeys on Feb. 2, 2007; and Tetsuro Matsuzawa from the Primate Research Institute of Kyoto University, Japan who speaks March 29, 2007 on the cognitive development in chimpanzees.

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