New goSAFE program offers escort and shuttle service

York’s Security, Parking & Transportation Services is launching a new evening safety service. The goSAFE program officially launches August 1, and offers faculty, staff and students a new and improved evening safety service. The goSAFE program replaces the Student Security/Escort Service.

How does it work?

The goSAFE program uses a combination of York Student Safety Officers who act as companions for people moving around the University’s campuses at night. At the Glendon campus, York Student Safety Officers will accompany you by request to your campus destination or bus stop. If you are working late or feeling uncomfortable about getting to your destination on the Keele campus, call ext. 55454 and a York Student Safety Officer will walk you to the nearest goSAFE stop for pick up by the shuttle, or they’ll walk you to your destination on campus.

Right: The goSAFE shuttle

At the Keele campus, there are two shuttle routes with 11 goSAFE stops where you can pick up the service approximately every 15 minutes between 6pm and 2am. These stops are considered goSAFE zones and have appropriate lighting and are close circuit television monitored with blue lights and emergency phones.

The two routes include the T1 South Route and the T2 North Route. The T1 route includes stops at the following locations:

  • Vari Hall
  • TEL Building & Pond Road Residence (on Atkinson Rd.) 
  • Assiniboine Bus Stop
  • The Village (Delabo Road)
  • 500 Murray Ross Parkway
  • Finch & Sentinel (Terminal 1 – 455 Sentinel)
  • The Village East (Leitch)

The T2 route includes stops at the following locations: 

  • Vari Hall
  • Winters College
  • Tait McKenzie Centre
  • Calumet College
  • Jane & Shoreham (Terminal 2 – Petro Canada Gas Station)

When does goSAFE operate?

The service begins Tuesday, Aug. 1, and runs 6pm to 2am, seven days a week. From May to August, the hours of operation are 8pm to 2am. From September to April, the hours are 6pm to 2am. The shuttles will run approximately every 15 minutes at the Keele campus only.

For more information about the goSAFE program, call 416-736-5454 (or ext. 55454) or visit the goSAFE Web site. Click here to view the goSAFE route map.