York alums’ musical Secondary Wishes plays at theToronto Fringe Festival

An intrepid group of York theatre alumni are gearing up to take the Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival by storm.

Right: The promotional poster for Secondary Wishes

They have pooled their talents to stage a new musical titled Secondary Wishes. The production, written and composed by Tom Kerr (BA ’05), is directed by David Matheson (MFA ’05). 

Presented by Overdrive Theatre, the musical, inspired by the story of Aladdin, is set in a high school located in Courtice, Ont. When a magic lamp is discovered in the Courtice Secondary School drama room, the students are thrown into comic turmoil that examines the quintessential high-school struggles with identity, idolatry, companionship and the search for decent cafeteria food.

Developed over two years at York University, Secondary Wishes brings together a talented cast and crew to deliver a rock pop portrayal of the Canadian high-school experience in the world of daily Wendy’s Restaurant deals, personal audio and Canadian Idol.

In addition to Kerr and Matheson, the group includes Justin Darmanin (BFA ’05),  Vince Galea (BFA ’05), Christine Horne (BFA ‘04), Duncan McCallum (BA ‘05), Andrea Mittler (BFA ‘02), Sadie St. Denis (BA ‘05), Andrea Winzer (BA ‘05) and Jenn E. Young (BFA ‘06). York theatre students Kalina Janik, Julia Lane, Savana Collier, Matt Drappel and Sean Bruno round out the cast.

Secondary Wishes premiered Thursday, July 6 and performances continue throughout this week at the Factory Theatre Main Space, 125 Bathurst St., in Toronto. The play’s final performance takes place Saturday, July 15 . Tickets are $10 at the door.

For more information on performance times, visit the 2006 Toronto Fringe Festival Web site and click on the master schedule link.