Communications prof launches book today

York University Bookstore is launching communications Prof. Myles Ruggles’  book, Automating Interaction: Formal and Informal Knowledge in the Digital Network Economy, today at a reception in the York Lanes bookstore from 4 to 6pm.

About the book

The role of knowledge and information in economic life has gradually emerged as a central question in economic theory and contributes to shaping our understanding of the interaction of information technologies and sociocultural institutions. This volume traces the history of knowledge, information and cognate categories as variables in economic thought. In it, Ruggles argues that paradigmatic revision of the methodological assumptions of mainstream economics are necessary to capturing and modeling accurately the welfare implications of information technology innovation and design and adoption processes in society.

About the author

Myles Ruggles is a social sciences and communications professor in the Faculty of Arts. He is course director of Information and Technology, a second-year social sciences course, and Communications and the Sociotechnical, a fourth-year course.

Everyone is welcome. For more information, contact Michael Legris, marketing and special events coordinator, York University Bookstore, at ext. 22078 or