Faculty of Arts celebrates academic excellence

York’s Faculty of Arts honoured its brightest and best at an annual awards function hosted by Dean Robert Drummond and Associate Dean Student Relations Marilyn Lambert-Drache. The Celebration of Academic Excellence honours Faculty of Arts students who have distinguished themselves in the academic year.

“This event is a celebration of our students’ outstanding accomplishments and successes and also of their remarkable contributions to the Faculty of Arts and York University,” said Lambert-Drache.

More than 150 students with parents and friends, faculty and staff attended the Nov. 22 event. Robert Tiffin, York’s vice-president students, addressed the honourees and guests offering his congratulations to all.

Right: Farah Kurji (left), Ken Singh, Sheree Davidson, Ilil Naveh, Wella Bai, Abtin Aminzadeh Dezfu and Robert Drummond

Drummond congratulated the recipients of the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence which is given to the student with the highest grade point average from each year level at the end of the academic year. The 2004-2005 recipients were:

  • Abtin Aminzadeh Dezfu (first year, linguistics and social & political thought)
  • Wella Bai (second year, sociology and social & political thought)
  • Ilil Naveh (third year, psychology)
  • Sheree Davidson (fourth year, kinesiology & health science)

The dean offered congratulations to a total of 228 students for their outstanding achievement of earning a sessional grade point average of 8.0 or higher on 30 credits.

Right: Prof. Benjamin Lowinsky (left) and Prof. Alina Marquez with essayists William Den Hollander II, Meghan Hulsman, Tamara Gibson, Suha Abu-Jazar, Orysia Kachmarchuk, Josh Fagan and Jim Harnock

Lambert-Drache congratulated the recipients of the Faculty of Arts Essay Prize, awarded annually to the best essay at each year level of the Faculty of Arts curriculum. The winning essays were selected by a Faculty jury and published. The following prize-winning essayists for the 2004-2005 academic year were presented with a certificate and a gift.

  • Orysia Kachmarchuk (first year, essay submitted in HUMA1625); Honourable Mention: Suha Abu-Jazar (essay submitted in HIST1010)
  • Tamara Gibson (second year, essay submitted in SOCI2040); Honourable Mention: Meghan Hulsman (essay submitted in WRIT2100)
  • Josh Fagan (third year, essay submitted in EN3340) ; Honourable Mention: Jim Harnock (essay submitted in SOSC3392)
  • William Den Hollander II (fourth year, major in History and Law & Society, essay submitted in HIST4131)

Diane Reis, recipient of the Senior Honours Thesis award and nominated by sociology Professor Robert Kenedy, made a heartwarming acceptance speech thanking all those who have encouraged and helped her along the way. Honourable mention for the Senior Honours Thesis award went to Vanessa Parlette.

Right: Robert Kenedy (left), Marilyn Lambert-Drache and Diane Reis




Left: Robert Drummond (left), Claudine Reid, Cheryl Streete, Sylvia Kadlick


Claudine Reid, a first-year student in psychology and English, received the Malcolm Streete Bursary from Cheryl Streete, niece of the late former York student for whom the award is named.

In addition, those who showed leadership, participation and dedication to the Faculty of Arts Student Council were honoured. The Initiative Awards were presented to Matt Harris and Nimmy George, the Outstanding Contribution Award was awarded to Susan Gapka and the Service Excellence Award went to Grace Saati.

Right: Matt Harris (left), Nimmy George, Susan Gapka, Grace Saati and Marilyn Lambert-Drache




Left: Jenny Evans and Jeff Cohen

Jeff Cohen, president of Sociology Undergraduate Students Association, and Jenny Evans, co-president of the Communication Studies Students Association, concluded the ceremony by offering their praise and congratulations to the award winners.

This article and photographs were submitted to YFile by Daphne Leung, intern student in the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Arts.