Chinese university presidents learn from York

Fifty-five university presidents from the Peoples’ Republic of China arrive at York today to begin courses in the Asian Business Management Program (ABMP) at the York Centre for Asian Research. The presidents, 25  from Sichuan province and 30 from Henan province, will be welcomed by Lorna R. Marsden, York president & vice-chancellor, and Rod Webb, York associate vice-president academic, at the TEL Building prior to the beginning of a schedule of lectures and tours.

The objective of the development training program is to familiarize visitors with the content and structure of Ontario’s higher education system. The participants will meet with senior administrators, faculty and students during visits to more than a dozen universities and colleges, as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations focussing on postsecondary education. While learning about Ontario, the visiting presidents will also explore linkage agreements and memoranda of understanding for future institutional cooperation.

The Asian Business and Management Program (ABMP) has both domestic and international expertise in providing a wide range of business and management training programmes to Chinese professionals. ABMP training programs ensure contemporary, cutting-edge courses taught in the setting of one of Canada’s top universities. ABMP provides a significant contribution to York University’s academic mission in its facilitation of professional and innovative programs through its association with the Schulich School of Business, the Schulich Executive Education Centre and the York University English Language Institute.

Formerly part of the University of Toronto-York University Joint Centre for Asia Pacific Studies (JCAPS), the ABMP has been one of Canada’s leaders in Asian research for more than 25 years and was one of the first institutions in Canada to provide training to Chinese professionals.