‘Impressive’ Osgoode alum takes Canada Post reins

The federal government has appointed an alumna of York’s Osgoode Hall Law School as the new chief executive officer at Canada Post, reported the Ottawa Citizen and the London Free Press on April 8. Moya Greene (LLB ’78) will fill the role vacated by Andre Ouellet, who resigned in July 2004. Greene, who was described in the story as “impressive”, has held executive positions with TD Securities Inc. and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Most recently, she was senior vice-president of operational effectiveness at Bombardier Inc.

Toronto team discovers immune-hormonal link

York’s dean of the Faculty of Science & Engineering, Gillian Wu, told the National Post that a paper by several Toronto scientists establishing the first direct link between the hormonal and immune systems has convinced her that the two systems share a molecular link. In its story on the discovery on April 8, the Post said the finding could explain why some people can’t recover from severe infections or why others are predisposed to developing autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. “Scientists suspected that there may be a connection…but this paper shows the connection absolutely,” said Wu, calling the discovery a “big splash,” since it could help physicians better understand the relationship between the hormonal and immune systems, resulting in more effective treatments.

Drache describes threat of TTC strike as ‘precarious’ for all

The Toronto Sun quoted York political scientist Daniel Drache in its coverage April 8 of a possible strike by TTC workers. Drache said both sides are in a precarious position. The union is trying to show it’s responsible and won’t shut down a vital service, while the TTC and city don’t have much money to give, Drache said. “I think it’s going to go right down to the wire,” he said. “The scenario is, who is going to blink? I think it will be a black eye for David Miller if they have a strike. One of the things he was elected on was turning the page (on labour disruptions) and I think he has a lot riding on this.” The story ended with a note about the 1,000 buses a day that carry passengers to and from York’s Keele campus. The Toronto Star noted in its April 8 story on the possibility of a transit strike that many commuters would take GO Transit, which makes some stops in Toronto including York’s Keele campus.

On Air

  • Alan Middleton, professor of marketing at York’s Schulich School of Business, participated in a discussion on hubris, altruism, succession and ACME on TVO’s “More to Life” program, April 7.