York coalition unites against violence and discrimination

In recognition of International Women’s Day (March 8) and International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination (March 21), York University will hold a series of special events aimed at addressing concerns of sexism, racism and related issues.

This year’s theme, “United Against Violence and Discrimination: Past, Present and Future,” incorporates workshops, poetry readings, film screenings, and women’s self-defence classes.

“York University is a truly dynamic and multicultural community of students and scholars,” says York President and Vice-Chancellor Lorna R. Marsden. “We are at the forefront in raising awareness on key social issues affecting women and promoting respect for diversity. Over the coming weeks, we have an opportunity as a community to take this message against discrimination and hatred out into the world at large,”

Organized by York’s Office of the Ombudsperson and Centre for Human Rights, the events will kick off with a reception on Tuesday, March 8, featuring speeches by Fiona Crean, ombudsperson & director of the Centre for Human Rights, d’bi young, dub poet and storytelling actor, and Talat Muinuddin, women’s advocate.

On March 21, York presents renowned speakers Austin Clarke and Roberta Jamieson. Jamieson was the ombudsman for the Province of Ontario and until recently chief of the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. She is now the CEO of the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation. Austin Clarke is a professor of literature and author of numerous best-selling book; his most recent novel, The Polished Hoe, has received widespread acclaim and earned many awards, including the 2002 Giller Prize and the Commonwealth Prize.

Complete listing of events:

  • March 8
    March Coalition Events Opening Reception, 4:30 – 6:30pm, Chancellor’s Lounge, Underground Restaurant, Student Centre, RSVP by e-mail: womenyrk@yorku.ca.

  • March 8
    Discussion: Women For Women (every Tuesday), 11:30am – 1:30pm Room 311B, Student Centre.

  • March 10
    Yoga Sessions for Women, 12-12:50pm, 1-1:50pm, Room 113, Vanier College, Free (registration required), e-mail: womenyrk@yorku.ca.

  • March 14
    Film Screenings, 12-9pm, Brian Cragg Cinema, Room 211, Founders College.

  • March 15
    Yoga Sessions for Women, 12-12:50pm, 1-1:50pm, Brian Cragg Cinema, Room 211Founders College. Free (registration required), e-mail: womenyrk@yorku.ca.

  • March 15
    Film Screenings, 12-9pm, Room 001 McLaughlin College.

  • March 17
    Self-Construction: Spoken Word Event, 6-11pm, Assembly Hall,  Room 152 Founders College. Free. E-mail: self_construct@yahoo.ca for more information on this event.

  • March 21
    Panel Discussion & Poetry Reading, 4-6pm,  Senate Chamber, Room N940, Ross Building. Reception, 6:30-7:30pm, Chancellor’s Lounge, Underground Restaurant, Student Centre.

  • March 22
    METRAC Date Rape Workshop with CLASP, 12-3pm, Room 305, Senior Common Room, Founders College, Free. E-mail: wscollective2005@gmail.com for more information. 

  • March 23
    Upfront Theatre Cycle of Violence Seminar, 9am – 5:30pm, Room 140, Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies Building. Free. Registration is required, e-mail: upfront@eglintonavenuewest.com.

  • March 24
    WEN-DO Self-Defence Workshop, 11am-1pm at Room 015A, Master’s Dining Hall, Founders College. A $5 registration fee and registration are required, e-mail: wscollective2005@gmail.com.