From global famine to fast-food fat: Feeding the Future

From global famine to fast-food fat, from mad cows to missing cod, can ingenuity solve the world’s food crises? How can we all manage to eat well and stay healthy?

A new book titled, Feeding the Future, is the second installment in the Ingenuity Project series. The book seeks answers to urgent questions related to the world’s food crises. Building on last year’s Fueling the Future, a national bestseller that was nominated for a National Business Book Award, editors Andrew Heintzman and Evan Solomon have brought together international experts to tackle the problems the world faces as it endeavours to feed six billion mouths and counting.

In Feeding the Future, the contributors, who include David Wheeler, director of the business and sustainability program at York’s Schulich School of Business and the director of  York’s Institute for Research and Innovation in Sustainability, offer practical solutions to issues ranging from industrial farming and sustainability to food-related diseases and nutrition. The contributors provide examples of ingenuity encompassing emerging technologies, business models for sustainable food production, and solutions to the world’s obesity epidemic, and they debate the merits of controversial techniques such as the use of genetically modified organisms.

Join Wheeler, the editors of Feeding the Future, the founder of HoneyCare Africa, Farouk Jiwa, and representatives of the Canadian business and civil communities as they discuss the questions about the world’s food crises and look for answers, today from 5-7pm in the Main Auditorium, Schulich School of Business, Keele campus.

The authors

Andrew Heintzman (right) is president of Investeco Capital Corp, a company that provides capital and expertise to private environmental businesses. He is also a director of The Sustainability Network, an organization that develops capacity building for Canadian environmental not-for-profit organizations, and the Foundation for Ontario Nature. He was co-founder and publisher of Shift magazine and a founder of consulting company d~Code. Heintzman is the co-editor and writer of the best-selling book Fueling the Future: How the Battle Over Energy Is Changing Everything

Evan Solomon (left) is a long-time print and broadcast journalist, and the co-host of the two weekly news and current affairs shows CBC News: Sunday and CBC News: Sunday Night. He is also the host of the CBC Newsworld show about ideas in print called HotType. For four years he was the host of the Gemini award-winning show Futureworld, which explored the latest developments in technology and innovation. He also produced and hosted a series called The Change Makers, and a series for PBS in America called Masters of Technology. Solomon was the co-founder, and for eight years the editor-in-chief, of Shift magazine, an award-winning international magazine about technology and culture.

David Wheeler (right) is the director and Erivan K Haub Professor in Business and Sustainability at York’s Schulich School of Business. He is also the founding director of the York Institute for Research and Innovation in Sustainability – a new initiative embracing all 10 faculties of York University. In 2003, Wheeler received the Corporate Knights award for “External Impact” as a faculty pioneer in Canadian business schools and a 2002 article for the Journal of Business Ethics was judged one of the top management articles of the year by Emerald Press. Wheeler has published more than 60 articles and book chapters in a wide variety of academic journals, books, parliamentary inquiries and popular journals, and has delivered speeches to numerous conferences and events.

The event is a pay-what-you-can, with all proceeds going to support Net Impact and the Corporate Social Responsibility Society.