Santa brings Christmas to Glendon residents

The following article was submitted by Marika Kemeny, communications officer at Glendon.

fontaineStudents staying in residence at Glendon over the holidays will receive a festive food package from Chartwell Food Services. Associate Principal Student Services Louise Lewin and Glendon Food Service Director Stephanie Fontaine, left, have collaborated on this special service, since the cafeteria is closed during the holidays.

“It is very hard to be away from family and friends during the festive season,” said Lewin, “but some of our residents just live too far away to go home. We wanted to make them feel cared about with this package of holiday treats.”

What’s in the package? Well, coffee, tea, soup, chocolates, cookies – in other words, all the necessary food groups. “I put things in the package that I would like to receive,” said Fontaine, “comfort foods which ease the distance from home. Working on this small campus makes me feel part of the community. I want to contribute to the students’ well-being,” she said.

In a further effort to reach out to Glendon students over the holidays, Lewin has invited students remaining in residence to a festive dinner at her home on the Glendon campus. “I feel that we are their family away from home,” said Lewin.