Theatre Glendon interprets Pirandello’s last, unfinished play

A seldom performed masterpiece that has mythical status in Italy is the basis for a production that opens at Theatre Glendon tomorrow at 8pm. On the Edges of Life, based on Luigi Pirandello’s last unfinished play, The Mountain Giants, is directed by Guillaume Bernardi and runs until Nov. 20.

pirandelloPirandello, left, poured all he learned from a life-long theatre career into the unfinished work. This interpretation features many of his major themes, such as the role of theatre and what is real or imaginary. The rich and complex plot features a company of actors who take refuge one night in an abandoned villa occupied by a picturesque group of social misfits. The plot unfolds as the actors and those strange characters confront their lives.

This production by Glendon drama students takes the Pirandello play as a starting point of an investigation into the nature of theatre, the role of imagination and the slippery notion of identity in a cyber-world. The nine-actor ensemble interprets specific passages of the play while additional comments contrasting the text are projected onto the background.

Tickets ($10 -$5 for students) can be reserved by calling 416-487-6822 or at the Theatre Glendon box office, 2275 Bayview Ave.