Lights, camera, projection!

A juried collection of eight cutting-edge short films will be screened on Oct. 27 at the Bloor Cinema in CineSiege, an annual showcase of outstanding productions by students in the Department of Film & Video at York University.

Right: Image from the film Sometimes People Forget

A preliminary list of 90 productions, created in 2003-2004 by undergraduate students from first through fourth year, was pared down to 21 finalists by a selection committee from the Department of Film & Video. Of these films, only eight will be selected by a jury for screening in the festival. The jurors are professionals who are active in Canada’s film and media industry.

Left: Jurors Judy Gladstone (left) and Wiebke von Carolsfeld

This year’s jurors are NOW magazine film critic Cameron Bailey; experimental filmmaker Barbara Sternberg (Begat, Like a Dream that Vanishes, A Trilogy); Judy Gladstone, executive director of “Bravo!FACT”; film director and editor Wiebke von Carolsfeld (Marion Bridge, From Morning On I Waited Yesterday, spiral bound); and broadcaster, producer and documentary filmmaker Avi Lewis (The Take) who is also the former host of CBC Newsworld’s “counterSpin” and City TV’s “The New Music”.

The 21 finalists include:

  • Hogtown Blues  Director: Hugh Gibson; Cinematographer: Carl Elster; Editor: Mike Tersigni; Sound: Stephanie Da Costa
  • In Memoriam – Director: Lina Rodriguez; Producer: Tricia Lee; Camera: Madison Matthews; Editor: Ryan Neill; Sound: Tamar Ditzian
  • Forever Boy – Director & Editor: Lara Mrkoci; Camera & Sound: Jacqui Okum
  • Life Eternal  Director & Editor: Andres Livov-Macklin; Camera: Jorge Rangel
  • Hawaii  Director: Chris Nash; Cinematography: Dave Clark; Editor & Special Effects: Adi Ashburner; Sound: Josh Boles
  • Love Letters  Director: Michelle Lovegrove Thomson
  • Jade and the 4th of July  Director & Editor: Catherine Howe; Cinematography: Jorge Rangel & Catherine Howe: Sound: Tamar Ditzian
  • Cycle  Director & Editor: Nico Pereda & Chelsea McMullan: Camera & Editing: Alejandro Coronado and Shannon Hanmer
  • Anamnesis  Director & Editor: Brendan Foster Algoo; Camera: Pavel Patriki
  • MAGie  Director: Andrew Lennox
  • Stuck  Director: Nick Butler; Cinematography: Jacqui Okum; Editor: Andres Livov-Macklin; Sound: Katie Quanz & Tamar Ditzian
  • Withdrawal Director: Elise Cousineau; Producer: Pete Adams; Director of Photography: Christine Jeoffroy; Editor: Samantha Stokell; Sound: Conall Pendergast; Assistant Director: Morgan Passi
  • Turn it off   Director & Editor: Brad McGregor; Camera: Carl Elster & Mara Epstein
  • Duckblind Director & Writer: Matt Lennox; Producer: J.J. Stocker; Cinematography: Pavel Patriki; Editor: Melissa Brenner; Sound Design: Mike Tersigni
  • Sometimes People Forget  Director: Jacqui Okum & Aaron Van Borek; Characters: Reesa DelDuca; Sound Effects: Marq Toller
  • Solstice  Director: Tess Girard
  • Hocus Pocus  Director: Brian Malbon
  • Pepsi U  Director: Paul Germain; Cinematography: May Chew, Justin Maalihan, Mladen Kovacevic, Jan-Paul Tibensky & Emmanuel Mutsune; Editing: Paul Germain & Mladen Kovacevic
  • Bath Time  Director & Editor: Chelsea McMullan & Raha Esfahani; Cinematography & Sound: Alex Coronado Cortez & Matt Lloyd
  • Hysterica and The Wandering Womb Director & Editor: Michelle Lovegrove Thomson
  • The Patient – Director & Editor: Marc Betsworth; Producer: J.J. Stocker & Marc Betsworth; Camera: Pavel Patriki

Right: Jurors (from left) Avi Lewis, Barbara Sternberg and Cameron Bailey

“Our students are an incredibly talented group,” said York Professor Barbara Evans, Chair of the Film & Video Department. “Every year, their productions are accepted for screening at national and international festivals, and many go on to win honours. Just recently, for the second consecutive year, one of our students won a trip to the Cannes Film Festival as the Kodak Award-winner for best new director in the student section at the Montreal Film Festival.”

Spanning a variety of genres from fiction to documentary and alternative works, CineSiege is a vital outlet for creative visions and fresh ideas. The event offers an opportunity to see the next generation of filmmakers in action.

Right: Image from the film Life Eternal

CineSiege is made possible through the generous support of Cinespace Film Studios. It plays one night only – Wed., Oct. 27, at 7pm at the Bloor Cinema, 506 Bloor St. West. Admission is $5 at the door. For more information, call 416-736-5149.